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Each successful business faces the ongoing challenge of attracting new clients.  New business is the lifeblood of any organization. 

Unfortunately, many agents and planners dislike the prospecting function, and are often not very good at it.  So, prospecting is usually neglected, at a hidden cost of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities.

In addition most advisers do not have a system for meeting new people.  They depend on referrals and “observation,” to fill their pipeline.

The POWER Prospecting System is guaranteed to meet the needs of your financial services company.  (It works just as well in virtually every industry.)

The following is an overview of our trademarked, "turnkey" system:

  • We assist you to obtain a database of companies that meet your criteria.
  • We hire and train a telemarketer, whose job it is to get you appointments. The telemarketer works 4 to 5 hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week. The telemarketer can be an employee or independent contractor, on-site or remote.  Having your own dedicated telemarketer gives you better communication, control and results.
  • We also provide you with a complete script, including answers to all major objections and important questions. Your telemarketer is fully prepared to furnish your prospects with enough information to generate quality professional appointments.
  • We train your telemarketer in advanced telephone techniques which allows him/her to have rapport with virtually every type of prospect.
  • We customize introductory and follow-up letters or emails to your prospects that are easily prepared by computer to complete the process.
  • The entire program is monitored and tracked by our unique telemarketing software. It is easy to use and increases productivity by 100 to 150%.  Callers make from 50 to 70 calls per hour, resulting in more contacts and more appointments with business owners and key executives, with less stress.
  • We leave you with a Turnkey System that continues to generate qualified appointments for you week after week.

Client Testimonials

“… an average of 1.3 appointments per week, which brought in several new clients.  One case generated $300,000 in revenue and $40,000 per year of recurring revenue.  A second client generated $150,000 in revenue plus an additional $100,000 per year of recurring revenue.”

- Carlos Lowenberg, Lowenberg Wealth Management Group

“…As our organization continued to grow with multiple offices throughout the country and many Fortune 500 clients, we continue to make your process a part of overall strategic marketing plan. . . I can personally put my finger on a handful of multi-million dollar sales that have been generated because of the initial contact made through your system.” 

- Bill MacDonald, Compensation Resource Group, Inc.

“It took us a year, but we have generated $23,000,000 in life insurance, with commissions well over $300,000.  What your system does for us is crack open areas we wouldn’t ordinarily get to.” 

- Richard Tanner, Ownership Advisers

“So far I’ve made $8,000 in simple fees and close to $15,000 in commissions since establishing the program 5 months ago.  Due to the fact I’m in a large rural area, this is just the tip of the iceberg of some of the people I have been able to meet.  There are some long-term planning opportunities and I’m nurturing relationships for the opportunities that the program provides.” 

- Brian Ruh, The Nautilus Group

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