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I began my career as a communications consultant for AT&T in New York. where I learned about using the telephone to set appointments.  I then went to IBM where I worked as a programmer and systems analyst and learned how to use software for business. I moved on to NCR where I became the leading computer salesmen in Manhattan.  I took a break from the business world to feed my passion of creative writing and moved to L. A.  After a few years of being a starving songwriter, I had the opportunity to write the lyrics to the theme song of Disney's "The Fox and The Hound."  The song is called "The Best of Friends," and millions of people around the world know it well. When I wrote it, the producer told me it would take 5 years for the movie to come out, so I realized that I better go back to work. (I still get Mickey Mouse royalty checks.)

The experience and skills I accumulated allowed me to form Fidel Communications Company, Inc. in 1979.  We specialize in marketing and sales solutions for the financial services industry.   We assist agents and advisers to meet good prospects on a favorable basis. We call our program, "The Power Prospecting System."  Our systems and training are universally applicable, so they can be used by all sales and service people in any and all industries.

We have added The Power Prospecting Workshop to our services.  Our workshop is a unique compilation of right brain, left brain and mid brain skills and exercises.  We provide prospecting and communications skills training to Managing Partners, managers and agents to enable them to set appointments with more prospects.  Managers may use these skills to recruit more good agents.  We have experienced enthusiastic responses wherever we have provided our workshops.

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