Who Needs a Coach?

Professional athletes all have coaches.  Whether you're a golfer like Rory McElroy, a football player like Tom Brady, a tennis player like Roger Federer, or a baseball player like Albert Pujols, you have a coach who will help you make adjustments and corrections so that you will perform better.

When someone functions at a high level, even a slight positive change can have lucrative benefits. Imagine what just one additional conversion from a prospect to a client could mean.  Multiply that by the number of sales opportunities you have in the course of a year.

Whether you're selling from the platform to an audience of pre-qualified prospects or one-on-one, we can help you perform a little bit better.  Many times, that's all it takes to break par, win the set, get a touchdown or hit a home run.

Why Choose Stan Fidel?

For the last 40 years, Stan has been a sales person, trainer, coach, author and student of persuasion.  He has taken the very best sales and communication courses and programs available in the U. S. and Canada.  He has personally worked with over 5oo highly successful sales people.  The combination of Stan's own training, experience and caring have contributed to Stan's ability to assist very successful people to reach an even higher level.

Our Process

  • We attend your meeting, watch a video, or listen to you in action.
  • We carefully review your presentation.
  • If necessary, we recommend how you can reorganize your presentation.
  • We share additional communication skills with you.
  • We show you where to insert those skills into your revised presentation.
  • We attend or audit your next presentation and give additional feedback.
  • We repeat the process as necessary.

To learn more, call Stan Fidel at 480-483-1370 or email stan@stanleyfidel.com.