Whether you Set Appointments and Sell by Telephone or In-Person

Every business must sell something in order to succeed.  Every person must be persuasive to enlist others to help him reach his goals.

Unfortunately most individuals and sales people do not receive the proper or sufficient training in persuasion skills that are necessary to achieve their goals.

In recognition of this universal need, we have taken the skills training that we have provided our insurance agent clients and adapted it to meet the needs of other industries and individuals.

You will be able to achieve rapport with anyone you want, either in person or by telephone.

You will learn best practices for asking questions, making presentation, answering questions, dealing with resistance and completing the process so that there is a win/win in the relationship.

We can customize and deliver this training in modules that meet your needs.

What You Learn

Your sales professionals will learn how to generate rapport with anyone they want, get honest answers to their questions, make more persuasive presentations, answer questions to properly overcome resistance, and complete the sale confidently and efficiently. Your managers will also recruit more effectively. The following tools will enhance your sales professionals' performance and self-image:

Match and Guide
Say It/Ask It
Action Questions
Objections into Objectives
Treasure Map to the Sale
The SLIDIN Technique
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Validation Technique
Benefit Builders
More Alternate Closes
Post Closing for Referrals
Time Management
Remembering & Using It All
Visual Imagination

Your Results

In addition to developing our clients into more confident, motivated professionals, the results of The Persuasion Skills Training Workshop include:  more appointments, improved attitude, additional prospects and open cases, better presentations and more sales.

Using our Discovery Process, we create custom, modular programs for your group, while also providing supporting materials and regular follow-up refresher training.

The Power Prospecting Workshop is a comprehensive system of persuasive communication. It is based on the principle that the decision to buy is ultimately an emotional one, but it is also justified with logic, and is influenced by something else; the midbrain.

To summarize, emotional (right brain), rational (left brain) and influential (midbrain) components must all be incorporated in the sales process to maximize success. We include little known mid-brain skills and exercises to increase self-esteem and confidence. The combination of these skills enable your agents to make a quantum leap in their performance that expands their income as much as they can imagine.

For more information, and to learn how we can customize a program for you,

call Stan Fidel at 480-483-1370 or email stan@stanleyfidel.com.